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INFRA-2008-1.2.2 - Scientific Data Infrastructures

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 4D4Life 3rd Project Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic



Species 2000 Annual General Meeting and Associated Meetings

Posted at 11/17/11 - 04:36 PM

The Species 2000 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at the Netherlands Centre for Biodiversity, Naturalis, the Atelier in the Pesthuis on Tuesday 22nd November 2011 at 2pm

The programme at the Netherlands Centre for Biodiversity, Naturalis will include:

(09.15     i4Life Project Meeting – i4Life Partners only)

12.00     Light Lunch Reception

13.00    Guest Lecture: Dr Gudmund Horst, Chair of the EC e-Infrastructures Reflection Group, Norway

13.30     Guest Lecture: Professor Erik Smets, Scientific Director of Netherlands Centre for Biodiversity, Naturalis

14.00     Species 2000 AGM

(15.15    4D4Life Project Meeting – 4D4Life Partners)

The Guest Lecture, the Light Lunch and the AGM are open to all and i4Life partners and 4D4Life partners are invited to the relevant meetings earlier and later in the day. 

4D4Life Meeting for GSD custodians
The purpose of this meeting is to have a discussion with all partners, but especially GSD custodians to follow on from the excellent discussions many of us had in Prague last March.
1. Update on the harvesting arrangements by which every GSD can now set its connection with the CoL Data Exchange platform, and effectively update the CoL at raised frequency. These connections allow for variations in the exact linkage (upload, download, SPICE wrapper etc), and now permit automation of the process where wished. The discussion is intended both to update custodians concerning changes made since the instructions given out in Prague, and to provide contacts with GSD custodians who were not able to attend in Prague. 
2. Discussion on Piping and i4Life contracts.
The new area for discussion among GSD custodians is the offers of 'contracts' that i4Life project will make to GSDs willing to experiment during 2012 with receiving additional taxa and names 'piped' to the GSD by i4Life tools, and coming from the species checklists of the global partners in i4Life. This is intended to open up a completely new route by which species and names may reach the GSDs and be entered into the GSD and then the CoL. The process can allow 'topping up' of GSDs by their custodians, and also provide the start for 'protoGSDs' for gap groups. The i4Life project plans to select some GSDs needed for this task, and to offer funding for this experiment, to start early in the new year.
Thierry and David will provide further detail prior to the meeting.

Any members of 4D4Life project may validly claim travel expenses from their budget if they also attend the 4D4Life meeting afterwards (15.15 - 18.00).

Author: Becky

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