Distributed Dynamic Diversity Databases for Life


Final 4D4Life project meeting

PDF version of this page available: Final invitation

1. Meeting programme

The meeting will run from Monday, 26 March to Friday, 30 March and each day will have a full programme. Side meetings are also being arranged and details will be circulated to invited individuals and/or announced during the week.

Species 2000 Sunday, 25 March

Catalogue of Life Global Team Meeting



Monday, 26 March

Species 2000 Directors Meeting

Lyle Tower, Room G72


CoL Team Working Groups Meeting



Joint Meeting of the CoL Global Team and Species 2000 Directors

Lyle Tower, Room G72


4D4Life Tuesday, 27 March

Final 4D4Life Partners Meeting

Chemistry Bldg, Room LTG


4D4Life Management Committee Meeting

Chemistry Bldg, room LTG


4D4Life Conference Dinner


Wednesday, 28 March

Taxonomy and the Catalogue of Life: Ecosystem of Services Public Symposium Day 1

Chemistry Bldg, Room LTG


Thursday, 29 March

Taxonomy and the Catalogue of Life: Ecosystem of Services Public Symposium Day 2

Chemistry Bldg, Room LTG


i4Life Partners
Friday, 30 Marc

i4Life WP2 Meeting

Lyle Tower, Room G72


Contact Magda Sitko

i4Life Management Committee Meetin

Lyle Tower, Room G72


Contact Magda Sitko


2. Contacts and Registration

Organiser: Sara Oldfield (Work Package 2 Leader)
Email: sara.oldfield@bgci.org

Support: Carolyne Orazi (BGCI)
Email: carolyne.orazi@bgci.org
Tel: +44 0208 332 5953/5940

Registration and Catering

There is no registration fee for attending the meetings, but please be precise when confirming which days you are attending.

Coffee and tea will be provided by the University. Lunch will be available each day from a number of catering outlets on the University Campus at a short walking distance of the Meeting Rooms and will be at your own cost. Attendees to the 4D4Life Final Meeting on the Tuesday are invited to the Closing Dinner, which is hosted by the University and is on the Tuesday night. For the other evenings such as Wednesday and Thursday attendees will need to make their own dinner arrangements at nearby restaurants in the town centre.

To register, please send your information and details to 4D4Life@bgci.org

3. How to get here

Reading is a mainline train station and easily accessible from most places around the UK. There are direct trains from several major cities as well as London. Travelling from or via London, it is best (and quickest) to take a train from London’s Paddington Station. Trains from Paddington to Reading run approximately every 15-20 minutes throughout the day. The average journey time is around 30 minutes.

From the Reading Station, take a taxi or the bus to the University Campus (Whiteknights). The bus stand and taxi rank can be found outside the station. A taxi will cost from around £6 to £10 whilst the bus is priced at £1.80 (note: the bus requires exact change). Take the Claret Bus numbered 20, 20A or 21. See link below for more information on the buses to campus.


When flying into Heathrow airport, the RailAir bus picks up passengers and drops them off at the Reading train station. The coaches run every 20 minutes.
Where to board the bus in Heathrow terminals:

Terminal 1

  • From International arrivals follow the sign for Underground and Central Bus Station. From UK and Ireland follow signs for Underground and Terminals 2 and 3, which direct you towards the lifts (then follow signs for Underground and Central Bus Station.) Use the lifts to reach the basement level.

Terminal 2

  • Leave the building through the doorway immediately in front of the exit from customs and follow signs for Underground and buses, which direct you towards the below-surface travelator. Alternatively, you may prefer to use the street-level access by exiting the terminal building through the revolving doors on the ground floor.

Terminal 3

  • Follow signs for Underground and Central Bus Station, taking the ramp or stairs to access the below-surface subway link.

Terminal 4

  • Use the FREE Heathrow Express shuttle service. Travel in the carriages at the rear of the train and alight at Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Follow signs for Terminals 2 and 3 but as soon as you see signs for buses and underground follow these instead.

Terminal 5

  • Follow signs for Local Buses upon exiting arrivals. If you do not already have a ticket, these can be purchased from the National Express Sales Desk which is located inside the Terminal building (turn left out of arrivals) opposite Costa Coffee. You will find stand 10 by exiting the terminal building opposite the National Express Sales desk.

Direct trains run to Reading from Gatwick Airport every hour and take about 1 hour 15 minutes.

By car, drivers will need a car parking permit to park on the University Campus. When registering for the meeting please confirm that you will be coming by car and please provide your name, name of your institution, make, model, and colour of vehicle and registration number and a permit will be arranged for you. With the permit you will be able to park in any of the car parks on the Campus, but please note the nearest car park for the meeting is Car Park 10. Please submit this information to Carolyne Orazi at carolyne.orazi@bgci.org

4. Map of University of Reading

For a campus map:

For places to eat on the campus, click here:

5. Accommodation

Each attendee is responsible for arranging their accommodation. Please see the list below of nearby hotels in Reading.

There is only one hotel located on the University campus called Black Horse House. It is centrally located on the main Whiteknights campus within walking distance of the Chemistry building. Please use this link

Hotels located in the Town Centre:

Near the Campus (but outside centre of town)

Further outside Centre of Town (not near campus)